Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stupid Nutjob

So, some of you must have noticed my absence over the past couple of weeks...if anyone actually reads this thing...shutup, you'll scare off the one fan I actually have...So, Nutjob found some work, and he's been busy twenty-four seven, I don't think he spent more than 20 minutes online in the last two weeks, which obviously means I haven't had a chance to steal his brain for a minute or two to make a post. Personally I think he's doing just to keep me from posting...because, as we all know, it is all about me.
Anyway, apparently Take Your Imaginary Friend to Work Day was a huge success...huge being a relative term...
Michael, from Florida, wrote this
Dear Crugg,

I took my imaginary girlfriend, Edna, to work with me today and it was great. The guys all loved her and thought that we made a great couple, and one of the office secretaries offered to teach her how to cook. Thanks Crugg for this idea.


Well Michael, your welcome, I'm glad your co-workers liked your imaginary girlfriend and I so happy to see that you open to inter-reality relationships.

John, from California, wrote
Dear Crugg,

I so understand your position now, I took my imaginary friend to work and all of my co-workers loved him, they thought he was hilarious and encouraged him to apply for a job at the plant. But when I introduced him to my boss the jerk went postal on me, he fired me just for bringing Bob to work with me. I'm pretty sure I can get my job back, but it really changed my view on your position. I thought you nfips or noips or whatever were just overreacting, but now I see that you really are discriminated against. I'm all for you guys getting fair treatment.


John, I'm sorry to hear about your job and I hope you can get it back. It was unfair of your boss to do that, but that is the kind of treatment that we NFIPs encounter everyday. I'm glad you see that now.

Anyway, that's all for today, remember, fair treatment for Non-Fictional Imaginary Persons is a fight that we can only win together.