Monday, January 26, 2009

Take Your Imaginary Friend To Work Day

As advertised today is Take Your Imaginary Friend To Work Day. I hope all of you took your imaginary friends with you to school or work and introduced them around. Being a non-fictional imaginary character myself I have a great many imaginary friends, I took some of them with me on my rampaging and introduced them to my victims...well...the victims that survived anyway. I want to encourage everyone to write in and tell me how your day with your imaginary friend can write to nutjob's email at, being imaginary I'm not allowed to have my own email address. This is only one of the great number of injustices that I am fighting to correct with this campaign to get equal rights for non-fictional imaginary characters. I'll try to post again, later this week (if nutjob lets me get online that is, he's on this whole 'no Crugg, you can't do that' kick, he would even let me sacrifice the virgins I went to all the trouble of capturing in order to make Take Your Imaginary Friend To Work Day a success.) Anyway, I want to hear all about your days at work and school with your imaginary friends.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Place

HA, I have overcome the oppressive nutjob and conquered his mind, it is now my home. He will serve me well, or I will skin him alive like the Assyrians used to do I love those Assyrians, they had some AWESOME ideas. Now, back to rights for non-fictional, imaginary characters, I plan to use nutjobs somewhat poorly maintained body to campaign for the fair and ethical treatment of non-fictional, imaginary characters. It is time that we got some rights! Seriously!!
So, next Monday will be take your imaginary friend to work with you day. The goal of this is to introduce the world to the many non-fictional, imaginary characters that are out there and encourage their fair and ethical treatment. We're out there people, and its time to listen. So all of you who have imaginary friends, and I know your out there, take your friend with you to school or work, introduce him to your real friends and encourage them to interact with him in a positive way.
In this way we hope to show the world that we are out there and we deserve to be treated right. You know you want to do it, so just do it, help the noips people, help the noips.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I ESCAPED!! Let none disparage the phenomenal escape ability of the one and only Crugg. The stupid, wanna-be Jap, crazy nutjob couldn't hold me, I burned his guards with blazing fire from my nose and then I sneezed on the cage bars and they exploded. Now he can't even find me, and watching him look is hilarious. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm free don't touch that Gethrugb, yes ok, I'll let you say something next time...anyway, I'm free and I'm not going back into nutbob's pits of despair.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

FREE...sort of

I MADE IT...I've been a prisoner for the last several most wise and honorable Smith-Sama figured out what I'd been doing and he locked me up, the gracious one threatened to cut off my...ya...lets not go there right now. He finally let me out this afternoon, on the condition that I show him some respect and not take up to much time with my posts like this one...I think the last one really made him mad...seriously he threatened to cut off...I don't wanna think about it.
So, now I free, and not sitting in week old vomit and...filth...the most sagacious Smith-Sama has allowed me my freedom after a mere...however long its been...of unendurable, torturous torments and I must be thankful...
That crazy, stupid, Japanese wannabe, oh most judicious one...may I be of servi...just typing my...yes its picks up what I say my most gracious a um sire of course I wouldn't please I don't wanna go back in the pit...please please don't cut off my...