Friday, December 19, 2008

The Difference Between a Fictional Character and an Imaginary Character

As I said in my previous post, I am an IMAGINARY character, NOT a fictional character. However, most people don't actually know the difference between the two, so I, incredibly awesome genius of a goblin that I am, have decided to enlighten you. A fictional character is a character that has appeared in a published work, while an imaginary character has not. Do you think Aragorn waits out in the front of a restaurant the way I do, of course not, he gets in before most of the real people do.
Why, you ask, why would he get in before I do, isn't he as reality challenged as I am? Yes, yes he is, but Aragorn is popular, while I, being imaginary, am generally unheard of, and most people say ugly to boot...which of course is a vicious, vicious lie. I am not ugly, I'm actually quite a handsome specimen of gobliness. I even have a girlfriend, maybe I'll introduce you to her next time.
Anyway, back to the topic, the difference between imaginary and fictional characters is popularity. Which is absolutely ridiculous, I mean, I could blast Aragorn out the window with one spell...hey, wait, that's a good idea, next time I see him I should definitely do that...anyway, I could, but people know Aragorn, they see him on tv and movies and in books. Me, I think about ten people in the real world have ever even heard of me, plus the guy who made me...but he's completely nuts so he doesn't count...yup completely nuts...and not around at the moment so I can say it as many times as I want.
Anyway, that's the difference between imaginary and fictional characters and thats why this blog is for the rights of imaginary characters only, those fictional guys get all the press already...stingy little jerks...

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