Monday, January 26, 2009

Take Your Imaginary Friend To Work Day

As advertised today is Take Your Imaginary Friend To Work Day. I hope all of you took your imaginary friends with you to school or work and introduced them around. Being a non-fictional imaginary character myself I have a great many imaginary friends, I took some of them with me on my rampaging and introduced them to my victims...well...the victims that survived anyway. I want to encourage everyone to write in and tell me how your day with your imaginary friend can write to nutjob's email at, being imaginary I'm not allowed to have my own email address. This is only one of the great number of injustices that I am fighting to correct with this campaign to get equal rights for non-fictional imaginary characters. I'll try to post again, later this week (if nutjob lets me get online that is, he's on this whole 'no Crugg, you can't do that' kick, he would even let me sacrifice the virgins I went to all the trouble of capturing in order to make Take Your Imaginary Friend To Work Day a success.) Anyway, I want to hear all about your days at work and school with your imaginary friends.

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