Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Place

HA, I have overcome the oppressive nutjob and conquered his mind, it is now my home. He will serve me well, or I will skin him alive like the Assyrians used to do I love those Assyrians, they had some AWESOME ideas. Now, back to rights for non-fictional, imaginary characters, I plan to use nutjobs somewhat poorly maintained body to campaign for the fair and ethical treatment of non-fictional, imaginary characters. It is time that we got some rights! Seriously!!
So, next Monday will be take your imaginary friend to work with you day. The goal of this is to introduce the world to the many non-fictional, imaginary characters that are out there and encourage their fair and ethical treatment. We're out there people, and its time to listen. So all of you who have imaginary friends, and I know your out there, take your friend with you to school or work, introduce him to your real friends and encourage them to interact with him in a positive way.
In this way we hope to show the world that we are out there and we deserve to be treated right. You know you want to do it, so just do it, help the noips people, help the noips.

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