Saturday, January 17, 2009

FREE...sort of

I MADE IT...I've been a prisoner for the last several most wise and honorable Smith-Sama figured out what I'd been doing and he locked me up, the gracious one threatened to cut off my...ya...lets not go there right now. He finally let me out this afternoon, on the condition that I show him some respect and not take up to much time with my posts like this one...I think the last one really made him mad...seriously he threatened to cut off...I don't wanna think about it.
So, now I free, and not sitting in week old vomit and...filth...the most sagacious Smith-Sama has allowed me my freedom after a mere...however long its been...of unendurable, torturous torments and I must be thankful...
That crazy, stupid, Japanese wannabe, oh most judicious one...may I be of servi...just typing my...yes its picks up what I say my most gracious a um sire of course I wouldn't please I don't wanna go back in the pit...please please don't cut off my...

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